Using the beautifully shaped shoe lasts created based on the deck shoes made in the United States in the 1970’s, we pursued the original silhouette of the deck shoes. The outsole with wave pattern cutting that offers superior grip on wet surface is what represents the deck shoes.


Utilizing the inherited manufacturing methods of running shoes used since the 1970’s, which started with the production for the famous sports shoes brand in the United States. such as shaping the EVA form individually as a material for the midsole, all of the manufacturing processes are done in the factory in Kurume, JAPAN.


In the 1970’s, applying leather uppers using a vulcanizing method with the technical skills at that time was not ideal since the adherence to rubber was poor and it was lacking in durability. In the technique invented to solve the problem, to wrap a cotton herringbone tape like a belt before the bonding process, we found creativity and durability once again.